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Site Redesign
September 05, 2018 by Tony

In true coder fashion, the time I’ve invested in my blog skews vastly towards unseen architectural changes rather than content. This time I re-wrote the site using a framework. My first version was mostly home-rolled, using webpack plus a series of processing steps. There were many parts I didn’t get around to streamlining, like image processing. Like most things in life, blog updates need to be easy or I won’t do them. So let’s see if using a framework helps.

I’ve settled on GatsbyJS (using the v2 beta) as my base. The basic blog example was fairly easy to use as a starting point to port over my existing page. My goal was to migrate over with zero visual impact. Gatsby uses ReactJS for DOM rendering, which I’m a fan of so it was a smooth transition. It also has an interesting system of using GraphQL for shared content as well as things like image processing. It was fun to try out GraphQL in this context, and it did make things like pagination very easy. On the negative side, I do think that it is more configuration and plugin overhead than I’d like, but the dev tools are fast and it has lots of performance optimizations so I’ll overlook that. I do worry that library upgrades may become a nightmare if development falls off, but that’s what blog re-writes are for.