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First Post!!!
August 26, 2015 by Tony

I have decided that it is time I resurrect my blog! Well, resurrect is probably too strong of a word. Like many internet enthusiasts of the early 90’s, I’ve had many blogs across many platforms, from GeoCities to Angelfire to Tripod to my own hosts. The content on these so called blogs was generally meager to non-existent. They were excuses to try new things and see how this internet thing works. I suppose they were successful, since I now do some web development for a living. But this time maybe I’ll try to add some content to the site also.

It is a bit cliché to have this mostly empty website with a single post resolving to create a flourishing website of interesting content that will likely never appear. But what the hell. I’ll get yet another chance to try out some new stuff. And if any of it turns out to be cool, I’ll have a place to put it.